Hand Poured Candle in a Tin - Eucalyptus & Spearmint - 4oz

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Product Overview

These candles have amazing eucalyptus + spearmint fragrance notes that give off a fresh and relaxing feeling. Double wicked, candle melts evenly, exuding a concentrated fragrance to fill the room, with a burn time of approximately 10 hours. Topped with a metal lid.


  • Approximately 10 to 12 hours of burn time
  • Dye free
  • Cotton double wick
  • Natural soy wax

To ensure safe use:


  • Trim the wick before lighting, keeping debris out of wax pool
  • Burn no longer than 4 hours at a time
  • Let wax harden before relighting, touching, moving or covering with lid
  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Never leave candle unattended
  • Never extinguish with water
  • Don’t burn near things that catch fire
  • Place candle on heat resistant surface and avoid drafts
  • Stop using candle when 1/2” wax remains, do not let candle burn itself out
  • To avoid tunneling, do not extinguish candle until it has achieved a full melt pool


(No reviews yet) Write a Review